Just as per our philosophy, we count on a work method divided into different levels. These are four levels that correspond with cleaning, correction, protection and vehicle maintenance.

Sotogrande Car Wash


As part of this service we clean and disinfect the entire interior of the vehicle with hoovers, injection and extraction machines, vapour generators, ozone generators and the best detergents and neutral disinfectants from the best-known brands in the international market.

This service is highly recommended for recently-bought used cars. If we don’t know how the vehicle has been treated, what might have been spilled or stained and what could be in between the upholstery’s fibres. Before putting our and our children’s skins to them, it is important to disinfect. No one likes sleeping in used sheets, so it is the same with car upholstery with which our skins make direct contact. Car washing in Sotogrande is also recommended for vehicles where children and animals might travel, since they tend to make upholstery dirtier. Moreover, company vehicles tend to get dirty more easily and need periodic deep cleaning.

We can’t forget about the exterior, we deep clean every nook and cranny in the exterior of the car, no matter how small it may be. Of course, we use tools and products that are completely inoffensive to different materials, but at the same time aggressive toward filth.
limpieza coche interior
We leave your vehicle in perfect conditions. Forget about stains and dirt.
limpieza coche exterior
We clean and protect each part of the vehicle’s exterior.



Sotogrande Vehicle Correction

Your car will look as good as new, or even better, since many of the cars we correct are new and were damaged during their transport or exhibition.
With this service we correct paint, polishing in various phases with the best products and the best polishers in the international market.
We restore chrome pieces, plastics, headlights, and we polish windows to clean them fully.
We condition fur upholstery, whether natural or synthetic, and interior plastics, returning them to the colour and texture that they were on the first day of purchase, without any remains, greasy feeling or fake shine.

Sotogrande Vehicle Protection

First is waxing. We use natural wax from Carnauba. This way we obtain a spectacular shine, on top of protection against external factors such as limescale, bird excrements, UVA rays, etc. This protection may last from several weeks until 3 months, and will depend on the treatment, where the vehicle is parked and its use.

The we have coatings and ceramic linings. These products reduce a bit of shine, very little, but provide better protection than wax and can last for up to 5 years depending on the treatment and maintenance. It’s similar to applying a glass layer over paint, like a second layer of shellac.

Finally, we have short-term sealers and coatings. These products are easier to apply and may protect the paint for months.

It’s important to know that to apply any of the above methods, the paint must be finished perfectly, as if it is scratched or discoloured, adding protection will be useless. Therefore, before applying any of them, we must start off with paint in perfect condition, and if not we must purify, polish and shine before protecting and highlighting.

Long-term coatings require time to curate. To begin with, we must wait 24 hours after the application before taking the car out into the street, and once it is out, we must not wash it for the next 7 days. Once these wait times have passed, the car will be protected and the only thing it needs is a yearly Booster application to maintain the layer. Once the years required for treatment have passed the layer is removed via polishing and a new one is applied.

By applying all these treatments, we are able to repel water and therefore repel limescale and filth remains. This way cars get less dirty and are a lot easier to clean. And the best part is the protection against UVA rays, which lower shine in the paint day by day. So we will have a cleaner, shinier car for longer.


This treatment is also applied to the interior and to the hood on convertibles. With a coating we make fabrics repellent to water and ink, to clothing dye transfers, and all organic and inorganic stains. This applies to fur, suede, cloth, plastics, tyre rims, glass, and every surface or material in the vehicle. Everything stays protected with each specific product.

Don’t worry about the embedded limescale stains that you can’t get out of the paint, glass, plastic or rims, in 5 minutes we can make them disappear forever. This problem is very common and given the high number of irrigation systems we have in the area, often our cars are grazed with water and once it dries, the limescale does not come off without using products and specific applicators.
Cars with matte finishes are treated with special cleaning products, wax and coatings to highlight the colour and protect it without adding shine. There may not be much to matte, but a good quality matte should be lively and intense.

A highly-recommended, if not mandatory, service is for the glass, especially in the winter. With this service we make glass water repellent so you can drive in the rain without needing to use windscreen wipers after 40 to 50 kph. It also keeps glass cleaner, free from dust and bugs, limescale, bird excrements, grease, etc. More visibility means higher security. This also applies to demisting products. This way you can drive comfortably with several people, as well as animals, in the car. Without the mist, driving is very pleasant. Better visibility, better security and comfort.

Sotogrande Vehicle Maintenance

Like everything in life, nothing lasts forever, so good maintenance is always required. We make a chart so that we always know what products and services are applied to each vehicle, and when they were applied, to maintain them and update them when needed, to lengthen the GT’s beauty as much as possible. We usually also carry out a periodic service, more or less two to three times per month, depending on the use and how filthy the car is. The service implies interior hoovering, cleaning dust from the dashboard and doors, cleaning the glass and exterior washing and drying. If one is clean and the other is dirty, why clean both? And if the car is protected cleaning is very easy since cleaning is needed on a surface-level, which drives down time, quantity and strength or sensibility of the products needed, and therefore the cost. We clean and dry, hoover and we use towels with products for cloth, wood, plastic or fur, depending on the case, and everything is impeccable within 20 or 40 minutes, while you comfortably have a drink or relax in our waiting room.


Our clients guarantee us

I have a Mercedes AMG S 65 Coupe and I trust SotoWash GT because they offer unbeatable services. Moreover, they have a substitute car prepared for me so I can do what I need to do while they clean my car. They answer any query I may have and try to help.


I started taking my company vehicle because I needed a deep clean, I was so happy with the result that a lot of my family and my employees also started taking their cars there. Now after two years I am still very happy and it is without a doubt the best place to take your car to be cleaned.


I love taking my car there. They give me appointments quickly and they are always there when you need them. If there’s one thing that stands out to me it’s professionality and the care with which you work. We will continue to see each other for a long time!








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